Oral History Project

Stories make up the fabric of everyday life and become a verbal time capsule in which names, places, and collective histories are remembered. One of the primary duties of the Warren Preservation Society is to convey these stories and ensure their protection for future generations.

The Oral History Project committee most recent exhibit was entitled A Place Apart: the evolving landscape of Touisset and was featured at the Touisset Point Community Club on Thursday, May 19th, 2016.  Over the past two years, the committee gathered stories from twelve interview subjects with ties to Touisset.  These individuals shared their experiences in an area with early roots as an agricultural community and a summer colony and explored the ways that Touisset is evolving today. The exhibit featured a video based on the interviews as well as a display of relevant maps, photos and artifacts.  This exhibit dovetailed with the WPS Historic House Marker Program. Our WPS researcher, Doug Hinman completed research on several historic Touisset properties and WPS awarded historic markers as part of the evening's events.

The Oral History Project Committee plans to display the exhibit at the annual Warren Walkabout on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at the Historic Warren Armory.  Also, the committee is working on having a DVD of the video available to the community by the end of the year. 

Members of the committee include:  Jill Culora, interviewer and video specialist; Doug Hinman, WPS researcher and historian; Darby Pontes, educator and historian; Jane MacDougall, transcriptionist; Wendy Farr, transcriptionist; and Kristin MacDonald, WPS administrator.

Between 2012 and 2013, the Oral History Project collected nine separate interviews from Warren residents. These interviews were the inspiration for "Warren: A Point of View".  This exhibit captured the stories of the "Silent Generation", which is the generation born between the Depression and World War II.  The stories taken from the interviews give a rare glimpse into life in Warren during a time when large changes were sweeping the nation and young people took advantage of new opportunities that were opening up at home. "Warren: A Point of View" evolved as a collaborative exhibit with Imago Foundation for the Arts and also feature artistic impressions of Warren. 


For more information about this ongoing program, or if you know an individual who has memories they would like to share, please contact us at info@preservewarren.org.