Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mullins Photography Donation from Fall River Historical Society

Recently WPS acquired some negatives and proofs (mostly of portraits and passport photos) from Mullins Photography by way of Fall River Historical Society.  All of them are from 1970-80s, are enclosed in paper envelopes from the Mullins Studio with name, address and dates.

 If anyone would like to claim these items please contact us at

The following items were donated:

  1. Negatives--Robert Proulx, 52 Cottage Street, Warren--05-10-71
  2. Negatives--Donald Poland, 418 Seaview Avenue, Warren--09-16-85
  3. Negatives--Kart Larson, 42 Seaview Avenue, Warren--02-06-1982
  4. Negatives--Gary Chapman, 118 Maple Road, Warren--12-29-75
  5. Negatives--Donald Shoesmith, 9 Denver Ave, Warren--08-15-75
  6. Negatives--William Read, Warren--04-24-1975
  7. Wedding Proofs/Negatives--Dorothy Connell & Gil Sousa, 510 Child Street--06-27-75
  8. Proofs and Negatives--Janice Thornton & Steven Skinner, 166 Union Ave, Warren--05-19-75

Monday, May 28, 2018

Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting and Elections 

Thursday, June 14th 

Fellowship Hall at the Warren Methodist Church, Church Street 

 6:30 PM -- Annual Membership Meeting and Elections 

 7:00 PM Presentation by David Weed--Sowams Heritage Corridor 

After the presentation please join us in the garden of the Samuel Randall House for wine and snacks. 

Thank you for your members are always welcome!

Monday, March 5, 2018

March Meeting and 100th House Marker

 Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our 100th Historic House Marker at our meeting on March 15th at the Historic Warren Armory. 

March 2018

 The following properties were awarded markers:

28 Broad Street – Nathan Perry House, c. 1839
46 Broad Street – James Goff House, c. 1788
57 Broad Street – Schubael Burr House, c. 1783
23 Greene Street – Jeremiah Eddy House, c. 1793
67 King Street – Herbert A. Nichols House, c. 1902
901 Main Street – Robert N. & Susan R. Turner, 1873
296 Market Street – George Ashworth House, c. 1856
11 Summer Street – Jabez Brown House, c. 1842
41 Wheaton Street – Joseph and Mary Smith House, 1948

Special thanks to the Guy and Casey Marino Family, Brad & Kelli Vogltance, Howard & Carolyn Windham, Jane McDougall, Mary Jackson, Joanne Devoe & Tom Padwa, and Hank Coleman.  

Thank you to David Gaskill, Doug Hinman and Kristin MacDonald for sharing their deed research. 

Thank you to our members helping us celebrate this very sweet WPS milestone!