Warren 250th

The Warren 250th Anniversary Book was a project authorized by the Warren 250th Anniversary Executive Committee. A small team was formed to write the book in the fall of 1996, and all of its members belonged to the Massasoit Historical Association or the Warren Preservation Society. A call went out to the townspeople for photos, histories and documents to include in what would be the Town’s most comprehensive history book.

The team first met in the fall of 1996 at the old East Bay Chamber of Commerce building on Metacom Avenue. Lombard Pozzi, with Cliff Morey’s help, photographed and described 100 of the oldest houses in Warren. Sarah Saxe unearthed information about the schools in Warren. Walter Nebiker covered the military and maritime history of Warren, including whaling and shipbuilding. Karen Melchers contributed the piece about immigration, churches and cemeteries while she handled the layout and design of the whole volume. Jane Harrison interviewed farmers and wrote about agriculture, past and present. Sarah Weed dug into the histories of the town buildings and into textile manufacturing.

Other pieces came in from Arthur Burke about the Fire Department, and from Tom Green covering the Town’s postal history. Many photographs, including some of the Warren 250 celebrations, were added.Advertising was sold, orders were taken for $20 a copy, 500 copies were printed, and the “Big Book” was released to the public on September 2, 1998, complete with a book signing party at the George Hail Library. The yellow feather on the cover is a nod to the Massasoit, Osamequin (Yellow Feather”), leader of the Pokanoket Nation.

To view the book click on the link below:

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