Thursday, September 3, 2015

WPS September General Meeting

Thursday, September 17th

Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall, Church Street, Warren.

6:00 PM--Potluck Supper

7:15 PM--Meeting and Lecture

WPS is pleased to host a public lecture by Helen Hersh Tjader, who will present:

"Sowams, A National Heritage"

It can be argued that Sowams is the pivotal place of cultural exchange between indigenous people and colonizing settlers in North America. The peace treaty established between the Pokanoket Tribe and the Puritans established on March 21, 1621 stood for over 50 years before it was broken during the conflict known as King Philip’s War in 1675.

Although recognition is given each year to the settlement struggles in Plymouth, our modern traditions of a national Thanksgiving celebration arose from the traditions of the people of Sowams. 

Ms. Tjader advocates to establish Sowams as a National Heritage Area before the 400th anniversary of the peace treaty between the Pokanoket Tribe with the Puritans in 2021.  

Questions and discussion will follow the approximately 45 minute lecture.

The meeting is open to all WPS members and their guests.

Thank you for your support!