Monday, December 9, 2013

Third grade students visit Warren: A Point of View

On Tuesday, December 3rd and Wednesday, December 4th the Hugh Cole School third grade classrooms visited Imago to see the Warren: A Point of View exhibit.  The students were enthusiastic and had many interesting questions about the exhibit, including the art work and history of Warren.

Pat Read, who is also one of our Oral History interview subjects, speaking to the kids.

Many thanks to Pat Read for being available to speak to the kids and answer their many questions. 

Many thanks to Mr. Brown, Mrs. Castigliego, Mrs. O'Connell and especially Mrs. Ursillo (who worked with WPS to coordinate the field trip) for bringing their attentive learners to the exhibit. 

Thank you letter from Mrs. Ursillo's class.

We were so happy to have the third grade experience Warren: A Point of View.  We hope that the stories told in the interviews will enhance the third graders' study of Warren history this school year and show them that history in Warren is fun, interactive and happening every day.