Historic Marker Program

The goal of the Warren Preservation Society's historic marker program is to both document and to recognize historic and distinctive structures in Warren which define its architectural and cultural heritage.  

Our 100th House Marker--March 2018 

March 2017
The program began with funds from a Rhode Island Legislative Grant in 1990.  At that time, WPS member Walter Nebiker was instrumental in researching a large body of historic Warren properties. Lombard Pozzi, WPS member and architectural historian, was also active with property research in the early years of the organization. 

In more recent years, veteran researcher and librarian Doug Hinman has volunteered much time to property research, presenting over thirty "plaques" to owners of historic properties at our annual Historic Marker Presentation Ceremony held annually in March.  As part of our Oral History Project Touisset exhibit, Doug also researched and presented markers to property owners in Touisset, including the Touisset Point Community Club.  New member David Gaskill has completed the research on several historic properties which were awarded historic markers in March 2017 and 2018. 

March 2015
 Our Historic House Marker Presentation Ceremony takes place annually at our March general membership meeting and has become a popular event for our organization and the community.     There is no fee for the marker and research but property owners are asked to become supporting members of WPS. New members are always welcome! 

If you are interested in receiving a marker for your historic property please contact us at info@preservewarren.org 

Currently 100 properties have been recognized by WPS with historic markers:

Samuel Randall House (31 Baker Street), 1809                                                 
Henry Sanders Bake House (36 Baker Street), c.1834                                                  
Narragansett Steam Engine Co. 3 (38 Baker Street), 1846                    
Child Merchant Carriage House (42 Baker Street), 1869  
Lafayette Club (74 Baker Street), c.1896 
Hicks Barton House (20 Barton Lane), c.1720                                                 
William Tourgee House (23 Bridge Street), c.1898                                         
Emma Van Sickle House (16 Bridge Street), c.1902                                                     
Windmill House (26 Bridge Street), c.1760
Benjamin Cranston House (24 Broad Street), c. 1834  
Nathan Perry House (28 Broad Street), c. 1839
James Goff House (46 Broad Street), c. 1788
Rufus Barton House (47 Broad Street), c. 1783
Sally Vance House (51 Broad Street), c. 1842                                                              
Piano Tuner's Workshop (51 Broad Street), c.1890 
Schubael Burr House (57 Broad Street), c. 1783
William Cole House (97 Child Street), c. 1844                            
Butterworth House (614 Child Street), c.1735                                                             
Smith Bowen House (Child Street), c.1764
George Littell House (1 Cherry Street), c.1854
James W. Burke House (Church Street), 1907
William Eastabrooks House (17 Church Street), 1757
Lewis B. Pierce House (6 Company Street), 1815
Cutler Mills No. 2 (16 Cutler Street), 1868
Cutler Mills No. 3 (30 Cutler Street), 1881
Ella S. Parker House (47 Cutler Street), 1902
Jeremiah Eddy House (23 Greene Street), c. 1793
Bosworth Mansion (21 Federal Street), 1850
Warren Artillery Co. Armory (11 Jefferson Street), 1842
William Hoar House (4 Lyndon Street), c.1790
W. Barton House (37 Liberty Street), c.1856
Public High School (Liberty Street), 1847-48
Jeremiah Child House (22 Liberty Street), ca. 1769
Rogers Hicks House (15 Lyndon Street), 1767
John J. Bickner House (20 Lyndon Street), c. 1833
John J. Bickner House (28 Lyndon Street), 1842
St. Marks Church (Lyndon Street), c.1790
Herbert A. Nichols House (67 King Street), c. 1902
Susie M. Drown House (68 King Street), 1906
Industrial Trust Bank (Main Street), 1906
Warren Mfg. Company (95 Main Street), 1847/1896
Warren Mfg. Co. Tenement (Main Street), 1907
St. Alexander's Church (Main Street), 1949
Jeremiah Rogers House (299 Main Street), 1792
Louisa Paquin House (307 Main Street), 1899
Level Maxwell House (382 Main Street), 1803
Jesse Baker House (421 Main Street), c.1753
George Hail Library (514 Main Street), 1889
Warren Town Hall (521 Main Street), 1890-94
John Croade House (606 Main Street), 1795
Smith Winslow House (624 Main Street), 1851
Monro-Cole House (673 Main Street), c.1898
Alfred Cornell House (736 Main Street), c. 1846
Shubael B. Cole House (825 Main Street), c.1862
Robert N. & Susan R. Turner House (901 Main Street), 1873
Clarence and Madeline Seymour House (976 Main Street), 1880
Clarence H. Seymour II House (20 Maple Street), 1906
William Bowen House (42 Market Street), c.1834
Jacob Sanders House (48 Market Street), 1771
George &Mary Ashworth House (296 Market Street), c. 1856
Henry Champlin House (22 Miller Street), 1833
John Luther House (43 Miller Street, )c.1823
Benjamin Cranston House (12 School Street), 1783
St. Mark's Chapel (16 School Street), 1860s
Simister House (15 School Street), c.1760
Warren & Barrington Gazette (6 State Street), 1913
James Smith House (10 State Street), c.1807
James Driscoll House (26 State Street), 1806
Eddy-Cutler House (30 State Street), c.1806
John Brown House (35 State Street), c.1795
Isreal and Benjamin Cole Jr. House (53 State Street), c.1750
Jabez Brown House (11 Summer Street), c. 1842 
John Wheaton House (Union Street), 1833
Dora Swift House (14 Washington Street), 1903
Jesse Davis House (18 Washington Street), c.1793
George T. Gardner House (19 Washington Street), 1850
Hannah Buckingham House (35 Washington Street), 1904
M..L. Salisbury House (40 Washington Street), c.1849
Josiah Munro House (45 Washington Street), 1795
Simeon Peck House (46 Washington Street), c.1768
Bliss House (Water Street), 1788
Charles E. Phinney House (Water Street), c.1872
Andrews and Eddy Oil Manufactory (Water Street), 1837
Captain Hail Bowen House (45 Water Street), c.1791
Samuel Martin House (125 Water Street), 1795
Hall's Block (146 Water Street), 1833
Jonathan Bliss House (160 Water Street), 1788   
Samuel and Caleb Miller House (165 Water Street), c.1788
William Hill House (242 Water Street) 1761
Hope Bank (259 Water Street), c.1810
Brown Gardner Mill (38 Water Street), 1842
Marble's Hall (405 Water Street), c.1844
Nathan Kent House (11 Wheaton Street), 1843
Patrick Barrett House (34 Wheaton Street), c.1857
Joseph and Mary Smith House (41 Wheaton Street), 1948 
Charles McCanna House (Wheaton Street), 1880-81
Minnie Coggeshall's Dance Hall (TPCC, Touisset Road), 1919
George Coggeshall Outbuilding, (Touisset Road), 1876
George Coggeshall House (Touisset Rd), 1864
Samuel Mason III House, (Touisset Rd), c.1851-55

Thank you to everyone who helped WPS reach this sweet milestone!