Historic Markers

Celebrating our 100th House Marker--March 2018 

Program Criteria
The Warren Preservation Society (WPS) Historical Marker Program recognizes buildings that are at least 75 years old and illustrative of the historic character of Warren through their significance in the history of the town, representation of a particular architectural style and/or the example they provide of excellent stewardship of Warren’s historic built environment.
About the Markers
In addition to the name of the Warren Preservation Society, each marker lists the date of the building construction and the name of the original owner. To qualify for a plaque, the building must be visually recognizable as an historic building, and have its history researched and verified by the Warren Preservation Society. The dating of a structure is generally done through deed research, the consideration of other primary source information that may be available and visual review of the existing architecture.  
Application Process
To participate in the program, building owners should submit the application by mail or email, including a photograph of the exterior structure and copies of any deed research or pertinent historical information they have in their possession. The WPS will review the application and complete additional research as needed to verify eligibility for the program. Once accepted for the program, owners will be contacted and asked to submit a $50 fee payable by check to the Warren Preservation Society or through PayPal on the Society’s website. Fees are used to cover the cost of the markers.
In a normal year, WPS is able to verify and complete research on four to six historic properties. Although applications may be submitted at any time, we encourage owners to contact us at their earliest convenience. Research is done on a first-come, first-served basis and may take up to 12 months. We thank all historic property owners for their patience and support of this important initiative.
When your application is accepted please submit $50 to cover the cost of the plaque.
Please mail a check to WPS, P.O. Box 624, Warren, RI 
Or submit your $50 fee with PayPal: Click Here 
Annual Marker Presentations
Historic markers are presented to owners at the Warren Preservation Society’s annual meeting in June, along with a brief history of the building, a deed report and comments on the building’s architectural style. Shortly following the meeting, WPS will arrange for installation of the plaque on the building.
Click for the  Historic Marker Application or contact info@preservewarren.org with questions. 

Click to view a List of Historic Properties have been recognized by WPS with historic markers.

100th Historic Marker Celebration--March 2018
Thank you to everyone who helped WPS reach this sweet milestone!