Wednesday, March 18, 2020

To Our Friends and Members

Due to current concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic we have cancelled our March Membership Meeting.
Our Annual Meeting and Historic House Marker Presentation Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 18 and our September General Membership Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 17.
We look forward to seeing our WPS members and friends in the near future and hope that you all stay health and safe!

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  1. I am a NC resident. I collect antiques. I purchased a little album. It is 2 1/2"x3". It was a Christmas gift to "Edith Winslow from her teachers Christmas 1884"

    It autographs? and little jots and notes from her friends. There are cute little poems. "When your old and cannot see put on your specks and think of me. Georgie Williams Warren R I" one example. Many reference Warren and Providence.

    If you would like I will copy it and send it to you.