337 Water Street - One of two buildings owned by Blount which received WPS Plaques in 2012
The Warren Preservation Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting Historic Preservation in the Town of Warren, Rhode Island.  The objective of the Warren Preservation Society is to promote an interest in the history of Bristol County and Warren, Rhode Island in particular; to preserve their historic integrity and cultural resources; and to educate the public to the historic value of the area.

The Warren Preservation Society is active in promoting the preservation of historic buildings throughout the Town of Warren through our plaqueing program, public exhibits, guest speakers, renovation projects and education. 

Historic Preservation in a town such as our's is crucial in maintaining a strong local economy and in helping to maintain and revitalize our town's history.  A valuable piece of our past disappears forever when historic buildings are torn down or allowed to deteriorate.  When historic structures disappear or are altered beyond recognition, we lose a piece of history that helps us know who we are, destroys the beauty of the town and often lowers the economic value of the property.

WPS advocates for Historic Preservation and renovation or restoration of all buildings and structures throughout the town. The Town of Warren currently has a Voluntary Historic District in the Downtown and Water Street areas. 

We are an advocate of the tax credits that the Town of Warren offers through the Warren Voluntary Historic District Commission.  For more information about the town's tax credit program go to 

As part of our advocacy mission we hare working with MOSAICO's Sense of Pride program. The program teaches children about their town - its history, architecture and natural environment, with the goal of inspiring them to become thoughtful and active stewards of their community. WPS board members have given tours of the Historic Downtown and Waterfront areas of Warren to 4th grade students from Hugh Cole Middle School.  For more information about this program please contact MOSAICO at 253-2467 or Doug Hinman at info@preservewarren.org.