The Warren Preservation Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization dedicated to historical preservation in the town of Warren, Rhode Island by preserving its architectural and cultural resources and educating the community about the history of the town.


General membership meetings are held in March, June, September and December.  Members are notified by email regarding meeting specifics.  

Board of Directors

Eileen Collins, President

*Eileen Collins is serving as interim President until our Elections at our Annual Meeting in June 2020. Pat Mues resigned as President in January 2020 and, as acting Vice-President, Eileen Collins stepped up as interim President.

Sarah Weed, Secretary

Tony Guida, Treasurer

Linda Megathlin, Trustee

Kristin MacDonald, Administrator


The Warren Preservation Society is active in promoting the preservation of historic buildings throughout the Town of Warren through our historic house marker program, public exhibits, guest speaker programs, renovation projects and education. Historic Preservation contributes to a strong local community by building awareness of the town's rich history and architectural heritage.  A valuable piece of our past disappears forever when historic buildings are torn down or allowed to deteriorate.In addition to our own educational programs, WPS advocates for Historic Preservation throughout the town of Warren and actively the supports the efforts of the Warren Voluntary Historic District Commission.As part of our advocacy mission, WPS is a sponsor of the MOSAICO "Sense of Pride" program. The program teaches children about their town - its history, architecture and natural environment, with the goal of inspiring them to become thoughtful and active stewards of their community.